Ariana Arghandewal I grew up in Germany, with fond memories of being loaded into the car on weekends and driving through the beautiful German countryside to places like Amsterdam, Geneva, Vienna, and others.

The travel bug bit again 14 years after I moved to the US and took an amazing trip to Europe and the Middle East that left me wanting more.

Shortly after, I was introduced to the points and miles world. I’ve been obsessed ever since. Points and miles have made it possible for me to book international trips in business class for less than the cost of domestic coach. I’ve been able to travel comfortably by leveraging elite status from hotel chains before completing my first stay.

I hope to teach my readers to do the same. If you’re new to the world of points and miles, start with the Beginner’s Guide for an introduction to points, miles, and free travel.

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If you need help figuring out a point strategy or have questions about earning frequent flier miles and points, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The world of points and miles has opened up previously impossible travel opportunities for me. These experiences are why I chase points.

Ariana Arghandewal

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